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Here's what I ask of you. Just cut and paste the following email address into your email program and send me a message. This stops any evil doers from taking my good email address and using it to spam with. Bastards! To those in Germany who were spammed relentlessly with my address...I am sorry.

Es tut mir leid, dass diese Bastarde Spams Sie mit meiner E-Mail-Adresse.
What that is supposed to say in English using the Google translator: I am sorry that those bastards spammed you with my email address.


Leaving the Big City
A journey on selling out and leaving for the backwood super unknown.

Tales from the Holler
Some have called this a "homegrown reality show".

Trash d'Art
Kind of like Trash to Treasure but it's not.

Sanity Savers
Simple things that saved my mental well being moving from the big city to the boonies.

Gallerie d'Holler
Grab some wine and cheese, be sure to put on your hippest black overalls!


NOW IN Gallerie d'Holler
John Shourt shares his own special vision of the new world around him.

Byron Werner

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